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Deb Bowen: "Aha" Moment After Son's Injury Inspired Career Teaching Yoga To Teen Athletes

In recognition of April as National Youth Sports Safety Month, MomsTeam is again asking our friends in the health, fitness, nutrition and athletic training communities to write blogs answering two questions: first, how or why did they get into their field, and second, how have they made a difference in the life of a youth athlete in the past year.

Today, we hear from certified yoga instructor, Deb Bowen. 

A sports mom tells how she was inspired by her son's overuse injury to become a certified yoga teacher so she could bring the physical and mental benefits of yoga to teen athletes.

Hamstring Injuries: Evaluation and Treatment

Hamstring injuries are among the most common lower extremity injuries in athletes, accounting for up to 29% of all injuries in various sports. Traditional management has been disappointing, with unpredictable time lost, high reinjury rates, and poor restoration of preinjury status, says a new clinical update.
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