Approval of an ASTM standard for women's lacrosse likely in early 2015 is not likely to end the debate about whether mandating such helmets is good for the game, experts say, but is a necessary step towards finding the answer to that question.
Health & Safety
The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) has approved a set of nine recommendations developed by a 24-member task force for minimizing the risk of concussions and head impact exposure in high school football for discussion by state associations at the NFHS Winter Meeting in early January 2015 for implementation in the 2015 football season.
Team Moms/Coaches
Coaches occupy the top spot in the minds and hearts of their players. Understanding this stature places quite a responsibility on youth and high school coaches, who have a choice, says a longtime hockey coach, between being a transactional coach or a transformational coach.
To provide maximum protection against head injuries, helmets worn by athletes in contact sports such as youth hockey and lacrosse, need to fit correctly, but a new study finds that fewer than four in ten youth hockey and lacrosse helmets are properly fitted.
Team of Experts
Sports can be noble or ignoble, depending on who is playing and how they play. On the night of September 26, 2014, fans displayed the ignoble side of sports at a high school football game in Plainfield, Connecticut. Within hours, however, the noble side prevailed as Plainfield student-athletes confronted a wrong that had reportedly festered in their town's sports programs for years.

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I finally had the opportunity to watch The Smartest Team  and thought it was terrific. I want to commend you and your team on a job well done.  It is informative, insightful and important information for anyone in youth and high school sports to watch. 

Scott Hallenbeck Executive Director, USA Football

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