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How many opportunities do you get to play sports in high school?  Parents, looking back during your day, how much fun did sports bring to your high school experience?   Sports can bring a tremendous amount of fun and school spirit and this can happen both as a player and or as a spectator.    

First of all the high school student athletes only get to play high school sports just once. So every high school athlete needs to know that this opportunity only passes you by one time and one time only.  So playing one sport or playing multiple sports in high school really doesn’t matter but playing does.  Student athletes should at least go out and making the effort to play. Not everyone will make these high school teams but looking back and knowing your tried will make a difference.

For the serious student athlete, participating in high school sports is definitely a stepping-stone toward the dream of playing in college. The four years of high school goes by fast.  Student athletes need to realize the college process starts your freshman year and will continue until you graduate from high school. On the field players know what needs to be done.  Student athletes need to know that the “off the field” (in the classroom) efforts are as important or more so then the “on the field” work.   

Be sure to take care of those grades and you will have many more options when it comes to playing in college. 

You only get one opportunity to get recruited. Lets do it the best we can.

Have a great 2012-2013 school year.


I think it should also be

I think it should also be noted that very, very, very few play college sports. One, there is very, very few scholarship opportunities. D1, some D2 and a few NAIA give money for athletics. Other than that, it's pay to play, and with college tuition, room and board and fees pushing $30,000 - $40,000 annually. Paying to play a sport for 20 hours or more per week just isn't worth the time or commitment.
This is ALL the more reason for kids to play high school sports, it will be one of their last chances to play organized sports. Too many kids today are specializing in one sport, chasing that slim college scholarship and all the while, missing out on many great times in high school. JV and freshman programs are dwindling because kids are just not playing anymore, only to regret their decisions when they are out of school for a year or two.

Importance of high school sports

I agree with everything you said, Common Sense, especially about the need to provide those who want to play at the high school level the chance to do so, even if not at the varsity level. Problem is that tight school budgets are leading to the cutting of JV and freshman programs. We are going in the wrong direction, providing fewer opportunities, not more.

Understand what you are

Understand what you are saying LIndsay, not sure where you are at, but I can only speak to the area that I live in. I've never seen a JV or freshman program cut due to school funding. They are cut due to lack of athletes.
I think any school worth a darn knows the advantages of extracurricular activities and the buy-in it provides kids. Athletes have better grades, better behavior and less discipline problems than the regular rank and file students.