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Dimensions of Boy's and Girl's Lacrosse Fields

There are numerous differences in the layout of girl's and boy's lacrosse fields.

Youth Lacrosse By Position

The positions and rules for boys' and girls' lacrosse are different.

The Rules of Lacrosse

The rules of lacrosse

Youth Lacrosse Equipment

Because the game of lacrosse is very different for boys and girls - with the most important difference being that hitting/checking are allowed for boys but not for girls - each uses different equipment.

Concussion Signs and Symptoms

Concussion signs (observable by others) and symptoms (experienced by the athlete) fall into five clusters: symptoms, physical signs, behavioral changes, cognitive impairments, and sleep difficulties. Symptom scales continue to be a critical component in concussion assessment.


Changes in Substitution Procedures, Blindside Hit Penalties Highlight High School Boys Lacrosse Rules Changes

Major changes in substitution procedures in high school boys lacrosse will take effect with the 2014 season. Along with clarifying definition of illegal blindside hits, 19 rules changes were approved by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Boys Lacrosse Rules Committee at its July 16-18 meeting in Indianapolis.

Impact Sensors: Brain Sentry

Brain Sentry was founded by a team of award-winning product developers with backgrounds in aerospace, medical products and sports.The result of Brain Sentry's efforts has been the development of an innovative helmet-mounted device that alerts when an athlete suffers a potentially dangerous impact. We help coaches, parents and safety monitors identify players that should be evaluated for a concussion.

Underreporting of Concussion By High School Athletes Continues Despite Increased Education

As many as four out of ten of possible concussions sustained by high school athletes are never reported to a coach or medical professional, with less than one in seven  'bell-ringers' being reported, finds an important new study.

Impact Sensors: i1 Biometrics Hammerhead Mouthguard

With a focus on cutting edge technology for the sports market, i1 Biometrics is tackling the head injury epidemic, head on. Our state-of-the-art Hammerhead Mouthguard can instantly track and tally the cumulative forces of collisions as they happen during all levels of competition.

High Concussion Rate in Boys' Lacrosse Blamed On Intentional Head-to-Head Contact With Defenseless Players

Lacrosse may be the fastest-growing high school boy's sport in the United States, but only football and ice hockey have higher concussion rates. A 2013 study pinpoints the possible culprit: widespread and intentional use of helmets during player-to-player contact, often to defenseless players, and usually without a penalty being called.
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