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MomsTeam Founder Brooke de Lench
To be Key Note Speaker
National Sports Concussion Summit

Editor In Chief Speaks Out
By Brooke de Lench

Brooke deLench It's May once again. Time for spring sports, warmer weather, longer days, and, of course, Mother's Day. This year, instead of celebrating mothers with the usual cards and flowers, I have put together a special wish list for the more than forty million mothers in this country with kids playing sports. More >>

Youth Sports News

Baseball Safety How To Reduce Or Prevent Pitching Injuries

Baseball Safety How To Prevent Or Reduce Baseball Injuries
by Lindsay Barton

Antibiotic-Resistant Skin Infections
In Athletes On The Rise, Officials Say
By: Lindsay Barton

Asthma Shouldn't Rule Out Kids from Sports
By: Brooke de Lench

Hazing: A Ritual Undermining Performance
By Dr. Keith A. Wilson

Eating For Your Child's Sport
By Suzanne Nelson, .Sc.D, RD

By Meredith Rainey Valmon

Rainey Valmon Shin splints are the most common overuse injury in track and field. Experts say there are four ways to reduce or eliminate the risk of shin splints More >>

Nearly 5 million children in this country suffer from asthma. Without immediate treatment to keep a child's airways from constricting, asthma can be fatal.

Even if only mildly asthmatic, a child can suffer a fatal asthma attack playing sports. A report in the February 2004 issue of The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology found that More >>

Soccer Family

Here's what every community needs to know in order to save lives of victims in Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). More >>

The National Athletic Trainers' Association recently released a set of recommendations for precautions that should be followed by parents, coaches, athletic trainers, other health care professionals and participants in secondary school athletics, in order to prevent the spread of communicable and infectious diseases. More >>

Boy soccer players are injured more frequently than girls but girls suffer more ankle and knee injuries than boys.

These are just two of the findings of a first-of-its-kind national study, reported in the February 2007 issue of American Journal of Sports Medicine, investigating soccer-related injuries suffered by 2- to 18-year olds over a thirteen year period from 1990 to 2003 sufficiently serious to require a trip to a hospital emergency room. More >>

The fall sports season has begun for millions of kids around the country and with sports come injuries. Many parents probably think that there is little they can do to prevent their kids from becoming one of the 3.5 million children ages fourteen and younger receiving medical treatment for sports-related injuries each year. But they're wrong. More >>

Letters To The Editor

My name is Jayson Tran, I am the father of Zachary Tran who died on October 1st, 2003. I would first like to let you know how much we appreciate what you are doing with in terms of sports safety awareness as well as all other aspects of youth sports. Full Letter>>

By Lindsay Barton

WrestlingHealth and sports officials, including the National Federation of State High School Associations, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the NCAA, all issued warnings in October 2003 about an antibiotic-resistant skin infection once common to hospitals and prisons but now being seen in those playing close-contact sports, such as wrestling and football.
More >>

By Robert C. Cantu, M.D.

Dr. CantuSecond-impact syndrome (SIS) occurs when an athlete who sustains a head injury - often a concussion or worse injury, such as a cerebral contusion (bruised brain) - sustains a second head injury before symptoms associated with the first have cleared.
More >>

By Lindsay Barton

In an episode of the popular NBC series "ER", Doctor Mark Green watched as his 10-year old daughter dove to make a save in a youth soccer game, slammed headfirst into the goal post, and was temporarily knocked unconscious. Running on to the field to attend to his daughter, Dr. Green called for the first-aid kit. The coach admitted that he didn't have one! More >>

WrestlingBase-sliding injuries are common. According to the CDC, sliding into a base causes more than 70 percent of recreational softball injuries and nearly one-third of baseball injuries, including ankle sprains. Most base-sliding accidents result from judgment errors by the runner, poor sliding technique, and inadequate physical conditioning. More >>

By Jay Portnoy, M.D.

For the more than 40 to 50 million American adult and children who suffer from the misery and discomfort of allergies, protecting themselves and their families from exposure to the usual suspects-ragweed and pollen-means locking them selves indoors. Unfortunately, this step could actually be causing more harm than good. More >>

By Dr. Steven Horwitz

Dr. Steven HorwitzMore women and girls are playing sports than ever before. The spectacular performance of women in the 1996 and 2000 Summer Olympics, along with the increase in the popularity of women's professional sports, have had a profound influence on little girls. "Be like Mike" has given way to "Be like Mia!"
More >>

By Lindsay Barton

A new Canadian study suggests that the symptoms of depression some athletes experience after a concussion may result from physical changes in their brains caused by the concussions themselves. More >>

The largely unregulated world of children's sport has typically been slow to address the issue of sexual abuse of youth athletes. While sexual abuse of girls in sports has received some attention, the issue of the abuse of boys in sports has largely not appeared on the radar screen of most youth sports organizations. More

"Power Bolt" Baseball-Softball Pitchbacks
Nike Recalls Football Helmet Chin Straps
Helium Rock- Climbing Carabiners Recalled
Hasbro Inc. Announce Recall of NERF® Big Play Football™
Nautilus Direct Announce Recall of Bowflex Power Pro Fitness Machines
Recall of Bottled Water with Sport Caps
Recall of Trampolines
Arctic Cat Inc. Announce Recall of Snowmobiles
Consumer Alert Archives

Your child tells you his legs are sore from soccer practice. You give him a deep-heating sports cream (Bengay, IcyHot, Tiger Balm) to rub on his body thinking that such over-the-counter anti-inflamatory medications, used routinely by millions to treat sore muscles and joints, don't pose a threat to his health. Think again. More >>


Read More>>

By Suzanne Nelson, .Sc.D, RD

Healthy BreakfestOnce children enter elementary school, they begin to develop eating patterns that are more independent of a parent's influence and scrutiny. New activities and peers begin to influence food choices as your child is exposed to a variety of new foods and different social situations. Your child's food choices will tend to be repetitious, so that the foods they include in their diets remain relatively constant over time. More >>

Brooke de Lench

"Children learn self-control by watching you display self-control. Like a coach who remains calm and under control in tough situations, parents who exhibit good sideline behavior provide young athletes with an appropriate role model for handling the emotional ups and downs of competition." More >>

By Lindsay Barton

The consensus statement on concussion in sport issued in 2005 as a result of the 2nd International Conference on Concussion in Sport held in Prague in 2004 (Prague consensus statement) takes a new approach to concussion management. Instead of a concussion grading scale and return-to-play matrix, it classifies concussions as either simple or complex depending on how long it takes for all the symptoms to clear. More >>

By Lindsay Barton

What youth sports have the most mouth injuries? If you answered football or hockey, you would be wrong! Because the use of mouth guards in youth and high school football, lacrosse, and ice hockey has been mandatory since the early 1970's, these sports have experienced a dramatic decline in the number of dental and jaw injuries. More >>

By Lindsay Barton

Beginning with the 2007 season, Little League Baseball will drop its decades-old pitching rules - which limited pitchers age 12 and under to six innings per week and six innings per game, with the number of innings increasing for older age groups ?in favor of rules based on pitch count, with the number of allowable pitches based on the pitcher's age and with specific rest periods between pitching appearances when a pitcher reaches higher thresholds of pitches delivered in a day. More >>

Hydration Essentials
Sponsored by SunnyD Intense Sport

Dehydration & Electrolytes: A Primer
Fluid Guidelines For Young Athletes
Heat Illnesses: Symptoms And Treatment
Preventing Heat Illnesses In Youth Athletes
When To Modify Or Cancel Practices Because Of The Heat And/Or Humidity

Cardiac News

AED Can Save Athletes' Lives Say Coaches In Florida

Access Cardiosystems, Inc. Issues a Worldwide Recall of Automated External Defibrillators (AED'S)

Student Works To Prevent Death Of Athletes From Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Critical Cardiac Information

Vernon Hills, Illinois - Soccer players across the country will be safer thanks to a national public awareness initiative focusing on safe soccer goals called Anchored for Safety. More >>

Commotio Cordis is the medical term for a rare disruption of the heart's electrical system resulting from a blunt impact to the chest that leads to cardiac arrest. There are many other pieces of information that youth sports parents may be interested in knowing about. More >>

By Brooke deLench

Ted was a goalie on one of my soccer teams. He was a strong and enthusiastic player who loved to play in games, but never seemed to have time to warm up before practice or games. More >>

With the start of the baseball season each spring, doctors frequently see an increase in elbow problems in young baseball players. A common elbow problem is Little Leaguer's Elbow. More >>

By Brooke de Lench

In 1992, the American College of Sports Medicine first recognized that girls and women in sports were particularly susceptible to three interrelated conditions ? disordered eating, menstrual irregularity, and osteoporosis ?that have come to be known as the "female athlete triad." More >>


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