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A Word about Chest Protectors

According to an article in the April 2006 Pediatrics titled "Failure of commercially available chest wall protectors to prevent sudden cardiac death induced by chest wall blows in an experimental model of Commotio Cordis" there are no chest protectors currently on the market that prevent Commotio Cordis.

There have been many groups working very hard to produce an approved chest protector yet none to date has been approved for sale. Currently, there are some individuals who are selling expensive T-shirts with a pocket for a heavy duty piece of plastic, apparently to protect the heart. While the intentions are good the public should know that these are not approved or effective in preventing sudden cardiac arrest due to a blow to the chest.

The Cardiac Care Learning Center
AED Placement
AED Can Save Athletes' Lives Say Coaches In Florida
Selecting AEDs For A Public Access Defibrillation Program
AED Training: Essential Information
The Cardiac Chain Of Survival
What Is Sudden Cardiac Arrest?
Starting, Implementing And Running An AED/PAD Program: A Checklist

Soccer Family

Here's what every community needs to know in order to save lives of victims in Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). More >>


Do You Know?

Commotio Cordis is the medical term for a rare disruption of the heart's electrical system resulting from a blunt impact to the chest that leads to cardiac arrest. There are many other pieces of information that youth sports parents may be interested in knowing about. More >>

By Tricia Alves

As a student-athlete genetically predisposed to sudden cardiac arrest, the memory of the sudden death of 16-year-old Quentin Brown from heart failure during a 1996 basketball game at the North Carolina high school she now attends has stayed with Cynthia Patterson. More >>

Read More>>

Editor In Chief Speaks Out

Brooke deLench Last month was Youth Sports Injury Prevention month. It was also National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Some might think that the two have nothing in common with each other. Too many of our young athletes could fill this page with the similarities.

Child abuse - which occurs when someone uses his or her power or position of trust to harm a child physically, emotionally, or sexually, either directly or through neglect - doesn't just occur at home. It happens in sports as well; on the open field, as much in the locker room, in the buses and hotel rooms. More >>

AED Basics

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are new, lightweight and portable, battery-operated consists of a computerized, battery-operated devices resembling a colorful, over-inflated computer and a pair of self-stick pads called electrodes, that use defibrillation to restore a regular heartbeat after sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) caused by undiagnosed heart problems or commotio cordis. More >>

AED Demo
Video Screenshot
Click Here to view an interactive demonstration and videos of the defibtech Lifeline AED.
Watch Now

AED Program

Getting Started >>

  1. Assessing Community Readiness And Needs

  2. Identifying A Champion

  3. Forming A Committee

Louis AcomporaDuring a recent Oprah show on summer safety, I learned of the Louis Acompora Memorial Foundation, that Karen Acompora and her family founded and are now running. The foundation is a wonderful tribute to her son, Louis, and a gift to all parents with children who are in harms way while playing youth sports. More >>

The AED Comparison Chart


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