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We provide Youth Sports News of interest to you as a parent of a child playing sports. Our news editors scan information from hundreds of sources, including on-line media and wire services, newspapers, government reports, medical periodicals and from parents and coaches from across the country, to keep you informed about current issues and events that could impact you and your child.


MomsTeam is all about community. You will be able to ask questions, talk to experts, chat, and post messages on sport and issue-specific Message Boards. At you'll find all kinds of moms talking to and supporting each other. Our community areas will be populated by a diverse group of parents from all areas of the U.S. and Canada comprising a community of: purpose (such mothers going through the same process of selecting the best sport, program, clothing, shoes, equipment, camp or clinic for their child or looking for answers to the same problem), practice and circumstance (mothers with kids of the same age, in the same sport or at the same competitive level sharing many of the same experiences and facing the same challenges) and/or passion (to make their child's sports experience as safe, positive and balanced as possible).


MomsTeam includes information and tools to save you time and money. We'll help you budget the expense of a sports season, locate sporting goods retailers near you, and find the tournaments and summer camps right for your child. will help you solve problems and find answers.

Authors and Experts

Experts on such subjects as youth sports psychology, nutrition, ethics, and safety will be important members of the "team." Along with veteran moms, they will provide accurate, up-to-date, easy-to-understand, and practical advice on a wide range of issues that face moms of kids in sports on a daily basis. We update and add to the growing list of experts each month.


With input from the community, we will be developing a comprehensive list of resources to access when you want to explore what's available on a given youth sports-related subject or need additional sources of information. is committed to becoming your comprehensive resource center on youth sports.


What services do you want? Do you know of an individual, non-profit group or corporation that would make a good partner for youth sports parents? Send your suggestions to


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