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Youth Sports
Questions & Answers

Each week our team of experts will answer your question. Below are some past questions. Click on the link for the answers. Do you have a question? Send it to We do not print names and addresses and will try to post as many as we can in the weeks to come on this page. The best question of the week will appear on the MomsTeam FrontPage.

Q: My 11 year old son is determined to be a professional soccer player. What is the best way for me to make sure he makes the pros?

Q: Can my son use lacrosse shoes to play football in?

Q: My daughter will be playing sports this season. What type of physical exam does she need?

Q: Team mates who act badly –what do I say to the Parents?

Q: It has come to my attention that there is a wrestling coach teaching "making weight" strategies to 5th grade students. Can you help me with information concerning this matter?

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