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NFHS launches new Coach Education Program
INDIANAPOLIS, IN (February 1, 2007) -- The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) has launched its own online Coach Education Program with two courses -- a Fundamentals of Coaching course and a First Aid for Coaches course. Full Article >>


Too Many Young Athletes Are Dying From The Heat
With the summer heat wave have come reports of the heat-related deaths of at least four young football players during a sixteen day period between July 17th and August 1st. Each had just begun practicing for the upcoming fall sports season. Incredibly, two of the four boys were from the same league in Tampa, Florida: Full Article >>


USDA Announces New Food Guidance System
WASHINGTON, April 19, 2005 - Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns unveiled MyPyramid, a new symbol and interactive food guidance system. "Steps to a Healthier You," MyPyramid's central message, supports President Bush's HealthierUS initiative which is designed to help Americans live longer, better and healthier lives. Full Article >>


USA Baseball Adopts Change in Age Determination Date
WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. (Jan. 11, 2005) - USA Baseball, the governing body for amateur baseball in the United States, adopted the league age determination date be changed from July 31 to April 30, for the 2006 season for all of its members. Full Article >>


Enraged Father Shoots Sons Football Coach
CANTON, Texas - A man upset by his son's treatment on the high school football team shot the head coach Thursday, then fled in a truck loaded with weapons before attempting suicide, authorities said. Full Article >>


Calif. 13-Year-Old Charged in Baseball Bat Killing
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A 13-year-old California boy was charged with murder on Thursday for a fatal attack with a baseball bat on a 15-year-old who had apparently teased him about losing a baseball game. Full Article >>


MomsTeam appears in Washington Times article
Being picked to play on a select-level sports team can be an honor and a thrill for a young athlete. Full Article >>


What Should An Emergency Medical Plan Include?
An emergency medical plan should include an established set of actions to follow in the event of a medical emergency during a youth sports practice or game. Full Article >>


U.S. Soccer Federation Statement on Head Injuries in Soccer and Padded Headgear
(February 2005) An emerging issue in the world of soccer is the use of padded headgear by players to prevent concussions. There have been a number of conflicting claims and reports about the medical benefits and risks of this headgear, and USSF has received a number of inquiries from its members about whether use of headgear is either appropriate or recommended. Full Article >>


America's Children Seek Action and Adventure
NORTH PALM BEACH, FLORIDA - It's all about team and extreme. That's one way to summarize the main athletic interests of American children today. According to SGMA, nine of the top 15 sports for U.S. children are either team sports or extreme/action activities, Full Article >>


Consumer Alert: Louisiana Company Fails To Deliver Team Photo T-Shirts, Says Attorney General
A Louisiana company has been accused by the state's Attorney General of running a scam targeting youth sports teams nationwide. Full Article >>


AED Can Save Athletes' Lives Say Coaches In Florida
A recent article in The Boca Raton News makes the following important points about improving the odds of survival for athletes who experience sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) by having Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) at every athletic event: Full Article >>


Basketball, Cycling, Football & Soccer Top Sports Injury List
New data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) shows the 15 sports with the greatest number of medically treated (i.e. at hospitals, doctors' offices, ambulatory surgery centers, clinics and hospital emergency rooms) in the U.S. as follows: Full Article >>


30th Anniversary of Landmark Decision Allowing Girls to Play Little League
Thirty years ago this week, Little League Baseball was changed forever - a change that eventually would allow millions of girls to participate in the world's largest organized youth sports program. Full Article >>


Antibiotic-Resistant Skin Infections In Athletes On The Rise
Health and sports officials, including the National Federation of State High School Associations, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the NCAA, all issued warnings in October 2003 about an antibiotic-resistant skin infection. Full Article >>


Insurance Capital Becomes Skateboard Mecca
According to an October 23, 2003 article in The New York Times, skateboarders from all over the East Coast having been flocking to Hartford, Connecticut in recent years. Full Article >>


10-Year Old Girl Dies From Football Injury
Another child has died from a brain injury suffered playing football. The 10-year old girl, Taylor Davison of Bartlett, Illinois, collapsed at a non-contact practice. Full Article >>


6-Year Old's Death Highlights Dangers Posed By Soccer Goalposts
A six-year old boy in a Chicago suburb died from massive blunt force head trauma on October 1, 2003 after a soccer goal post fell on him during practice. Full Article >>


California Court Considers Whether Coaches Can Be Sued For Injuries
In a case that has schools, coaches and youth sports organizations in the state worried, the California Supreme Court has again been asked to hold a coach liable for injuries suffered by one of his athletes. Full Article >>


Baseball's Boys
Some sons of baseball players as reported by Sam Walker in The Wall Street Journal have the run of the club house. Little sons of baseball are getting the run of the clubhouse, especially in San Francisco, where the Giants were preparing for game one of the World Series as their midgets shag balls, lug bats and spray Champagne on clubhouse reporters Full Article >>


Boy In Wheelchair Loses Court Bid To Play Hoops
A 7-year-old boy in a wheelchair lost his bid to play youth basketball in Wakefield after a federal judge ruled the chair could be a safety risk. Full Article >>


Parents, Children Brawl At S. California Grid Game
Two men were arrested on October 17, 2002, for allegedly kicking a man in the head repeatedly in a videotaped brawl that began after a weekend youth football game. Full Article >>


Va. Girls Win Golf Titles, Rules Review Likely
Jenny Suh of Chantilly and Diana Meza of Goochland won Group AAA and A state championships in Virginia, not only raising eyebrows but also furrowing a few brows. Full Article >>


Weekend In Williamsburg
More than 200 boys and girls from the Downtown Little League of Manhattan will have an experience dreamed about by millions of children around the world. Full Article >>


High School Pole Vaulter Dies
A high school pole-vaulter died Monday April 4, 2002 night after falling at least 12 feet to the ground during a weekend competition. He was the second student vaulter to die this year. Full Article >>


Group Warns Of Soccer Head Injuries
As children across America put on their shin guards and head to the fields, the Institute of Medicine is reminding parents that soccer can be dangerous, leading to concussions and other head injuries. Full Article >>


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