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Head Injury Awareness Articles


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MomsTeam Founder Brooke de Lench
To be Key Note Speaker
National Sports Concussion Summit

Parents have a right to expect that, when they entrust their children to a sports program — whether it be Pee Wee hockey, youth lacrosse, Olympic development soccer, or high school football — that it will take reasonable precautions to protect them against harm. In other words, parents have a right to expect that the entire team to whom they entrust their children's safety — including the national governing body for the child's sport, the state association, the athletic or club director, the athletic trainer (if there is one), and especially the coaches — are part of the youth sports safety solution, not part of the problem. More is the pioneer in Youth Sports concussion education & information
Dr. Robert Cantu, Neurosurgeon

For six years, MomsTeam has been the leading source of concussion information for parents on the Internet. We are pleased to announce that our Head Injury Channel is about to undergo a comprehensive updating to reflect the enormous advances that have occurred in the 2000's in concussion management. Our goal now in, as it was in 2001, is to do everything we can to minimize the long-term risks that concussions, if not properly managed, pose to our children and, above all, to make sure that no parent, uncle, or community will again have to mourn the death of an athlete dying young. For full article, click here

By Lindsay Barton

Headgear ProtectsTeenage soccer players who wear protective headgear suffer nearly half as many concussions as those who play without helmets, according to a new study conducted by researchers at Canada's McGill University.Read Full Story>>

Parents play an important role in their child's recovery from a suspected concussion. Here's what experts say parents should do:
Read Full Story >>

By Brooke de Lench

The finding by a neuropathologist that brain damage from repeated concussions suffered by former NFL star Andre Waters likely led to his depression and ultimate death by suicide in November 2006 highlights once again the critical need for parents and youth athletes to become educated and proactive about concussions.
Read Full Story>>

By Lindsay Barton

A new Canadian study suggests that the symptoms of depression some athletes experience after a concussion may result from physical changes in their brains caused by the concussions themselves. More >>

New approach: simple v. complex.
The consensus statement on concussion in sport issued in 2005 as a result of the 2nd International Conference on Concussion in Sport held in Prague in 2004 (Prague consensus statement) takes a new approach to concussion management.
Read Full Story >>


Soccer PlayersTwo new studies suggest that heading in soccer may result in weaker mental performance, including a decline in cognitive function, difficulty in verbal learning, planning and maintaining attention and reduced information processing speed.
Read Full Story>>

Critical Cardiac Information

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