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David Kittner (a/k/a Youth Fitness Guy): Adults in Youth Sports Need To Always Remember It's For The Kids

Being the father of an athlete is a challenging yet rewarding role. We decided at MomsTEAM to designate June as National Sports Dads Month and all month long have been hearing from a fascinating range of men about what they have learned as sports dads, what their kids have learned, and, if they could change anything about today's youth sports, what it would be.

Today, we hear from longtime youth sports fitness expert and instructor, David Kittner:

MomsTEAM: Were you an athlete and what sports did you play as a youth (under 19)?Kittner family tree

A sports dad, coach, and longtime youth fitness instructor thinks the adults involved in youth sports, including league administrators, coaches and parents, need an attitude adjustment: to remember, first and foremost, that the game is for the kids.
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