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Yoga For Kids: It Helps Calm A Child's Overstimulated Mind


Most of us know by now that yoga is good for your body and can keep you strong and flexible. John de Kadt (the gentleman in the video below) addresses something that I feel has become a major source of stress physically, mentally, emotionally, and definitely neurologically in the children of the world today: overstimulation.

Our children are increasingly overstimulated, not just from the demands of school and performing in sports or extra curricular activities, but also by constantly being bombarded with sensory input from video games, computers, television, text messages, and SMS alerts. With the constant stimulation and addiction that has been created from the desire to be constantly tethered  to some sort of technology, children have been spending less time in nature and the outdoors. Their growing brains are busier than ever and aren’t often given the time to relax.

Yoga is an amazing gift that we can share with the children of the world which gives them the opportunity to calm their busy minds.  It creates a quiet space in which they can discover their strength, their flexibility and their gifts from within.  

This is the last of a series of interviews I filmed this past summer while attending the Wanderlust Festival in Stratton, Vermont. 

Watch this video with your kids.  Hpe it will inspire you to share with them the gift of yoga!

Yoga improve the strength

Yoga improve the strength and flexibility of the body. It helps in improving both mental and physical co-ordination as well as awareness. 

Yoga For Kids

I totally agree with the overstimulation of children these days. There are so many social pressures that some of them might not know how to take them all in. By doing yoga, children can express their stress in a different way by mellowing out during this time and also stretching. It is very important for anyone to stretch after physical activity, but are the children doing in properly and effectively? Yoga can also be a family effort so that everyone is involved and it can also be a form of bonding. I think that yoga and any physical activity for children is awesome, because America's obesity level is one of the largest growing epidemics and it will get them involved at an early age. Most states in the U.S. do not require a physical education class anymore and that is taking away from physical activity as well as adding stress and more every to children in the classroom.