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Hey Coach, I Just Want You to Listen to Me!

If you're actively coaching sports, please don't let that vein in your forehead burst before I get done explaining why I believe it is so hard to be a well-liked coach with a winning record to boot.

A good youth sports coach knows how to listen. Really listen.

How Early are Personality Traits Formed?

     Last week our twin grandsons were born without Caesarian section.  Brendan appeared first at six pounds, four ounces.  He had been in the "ready" position for over a month.  Then Jeffrey appeared, in the breach position.  Fortunately, through manipulation he was brought out butt first and began to breathe after thirty seconds.  He weighed five pounds, fourteen ounces.  Both boys had fair complexions like their sister and dark blue eyes.  Within a week of nursing they had gained the half-pound back, lost in the hospital.  We are all ecstatic!


HAPPY NEW YEAR!  A new year, a new decade, a new lease on life after spending the holidays looking at things from the perspective of a toddler.  Always puts the important things right back in front of my nose!  What else?  A new job for some, and certainly for me...a new book to start.

High School Inspirational Speaking Presentation a Success

This past Monday, I had the wonderful opportunity to present my thoughts and ideas to the DGS High School Volleyball Program on how athletes (or anyone for that matter) can achieve success through very adverse conditions. Basically, how people “beat the odds” and become one of those rare groups of individuals able to surmount what others believe to be impossible.

There were approximately 60 athletes present along with the coaching staff and all seemed involved and interested in the activities and stories I used to support my thoughts.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Interview With One of College Baseball Elites!!!

Interview Chat with Louisville University Cardinal baseball player Phil Wunderlich. Phil is a standout player and the #1 hitter for the Cardinals. His outstanding play helped Louisville make it to the Super Regional of the NCAA Division I Baseball Championships.

Where: The Athlete’s Sports Experience

When: Sunday July 12th at 6:30pm central time (7:30 eastern)

Interview With a National Gymnastics Champion, Elite College Ball Player, & Major League Ball Player

In keeping with my purpose of giving young athletes, parents, and coaches valuable information about youth sports, I have planed several interview chats with some highly successful athletes. These competitors have been through it all.

The first interview chat will be with a USA Gymnastics National Champion on June 30th at 7:00pm central time so mark your calendars (announcement below).


Interview Chat with the 2009 Level 10
National Gymnastics Champion
Keeley Kmieciak

Things Your Kids Didn’t Learn in School and the Youth Sports Environment

In perusing the internet, talking to colleagues, and sharing information from within the teaching and coaching profession, I come across interesting bits and pieces of information that force reflection. One such piece was recently emailed to me by a colleague and it is one I have seen circulate on the internet from several different sources.

Top 50 Of All Time At Northern Illinois University

I was surprised and humbled by a phone call I received from a former professor, Dr. Hubie Dunn, at Northern Illinois University this past Thursday night. He had called to inform me of my selection by the Northern Star (the NIU official newspaper) as one of the Top 50 of All Time who have competed for the Huskies.

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