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Hey Coach, I Just Want You to Listen to Me!

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If you're actively coaching sports, please don't let that vein in your forehead burst before I get done explaining why I believe it is so hard to be a well-liked coach with a winning record to boot.

It's my personal observation how rare it is to talk to somebody, or anybody and not notice how poorly people listen, or don't want to hear what you have to say. The human way I suppose, but if I were asked what percentage of people are good listeners that can say nothing, but only listen, I would say the WAG FACTOR would be about 1 in 10 people are good listeners. If this is true, how many coaches in the world do we have who are good listeners. My math says 1 in 10. It might sound like a ridiculous number, but if you start listening to other people and not say a word until they get done saying whatever it is they have to say without responding, you will quickly realize how much people talk without ever listening.

So to the point. Why can't this group of truly gifted people who are good listeners be found and employed to rewrite the bylaws establishing a Universal Coach's Code of Conduct Handbook that satisfies the needs of the athletes and their parents Why is this so important, you ask?

It's important because we are talking about the profound influences sports can have on our kids, yet it's the most unregulated fertile ground for adult immaturity that exist..Youth sports have an emotional impact on kids more than the kids that don't play sports because of the roller-coaster of emotions that come with the coach/player relationship, and the coach/parent relationship. It's rarely as good as it should be. We just need more listening from coaches, and I'm doing my part. I'm begging you to do yours.

So, if your a coach, try listening the next time an athlete or team parent comes to you with a concern. Do nothing but listen. Let them do all the talking. Keep all your opinions to yourself. See if you can do it. It's hard I know. But that's what a good listener does.