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High School Inspirational Speaking Presentation a Success

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This past Monday, I had the wonderful opportunity to present my thoughts and ideas to the DGS High School Volleyball Program on how athletes (or anyone for that matter) can achieve success through very adverse conditions. Basically, how people “beat the odds” and become one of those rare groups of individuals able to surmount what others believe to be impossible.

There were approximately 60 athletes present along with the coaching staff and all seemed involved and interested in the activities and stories I used to support my thoughts.

The experience was an awesome one for me as I used the same voice and purpose presented in my book Becoming a True Champion. Hopefully, all the athletes on hand were able to grasp the true importance of an unbending will and determination and what it can bring to the athlete when applied.

I finished my presentation with the following prose I wrote for the team:

All of you in this room, based on the choices you make – both collectively and independently, will ultimately be the ones who will determine whether you are successful or you are not. You see, greatness doesn’t just happen, it happens because of something. And that something…it is the level of determination, or WILL, you bring to the table each and everyday. So don’t be content on just BEING, but on BEING THE DIFFERENCE. In the end, win or lose, it is this attitude that ultimately determines satisfaction with one’s performance or regret over it. Don’t leave this up to chance; you decide. Take on the challenge and be one of those rare individuals…..one of those rare teams that goes out and BEATS THE ODDS!!! You have nothing to lose but your limitations.

Good luck and have a great season!!!

And what a pleasant surprise by the unexpected and heartwarming thank you note I received today from head coach Colleen Reagan.

What a great group and wonderful experience. I think I will do this again!!!!