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Release of Wolf Shark Racing Speedboard, Cracked Helmets and Skinned Ribs, And Lots of Racing

This past year has been crazy, and left me in much the same condition. Since this past downhill racing season began, I have not seen my son for more than a few days at a time. Every weekend is another race.  Last weekend was Kewlona, next weekend is Salt Spring, the weekend before last was Mt. Washington, and the weekend after next is Calgary. I think. 

Wolf at Britannia Challenge 

It's been a crazy year for Lorrie Miller, as her son, Wolfgang broke a world's record, designed a new longboard, and has been on the downhill longboard racing circuit all summer, which means she sees him for only a few days at a time between races all over the world.

Reflections of a European summer and a season of Races

Graveyard Call, was the event we flew to France for.  It is an IGSA event (International Gravity Sport Association). This was where we spent our first few jet-lagged days of our 17 day adventure.  Argonay is a small village at the outskirts of Annecy, a lovely holiday destination in the French Alps.  I highly recommend Annecy for a trip alternative to Paris--though we loved Paris.

Death of British Columbia Longboarder

This past Friday morning, competitive Vancouver Longboarder, Glenna Evans tragically died while riding.  It was one day prior to her 28th birthday.  The tight-knit local longboarding community is still reeling from this loss.

Longboarding In Canada Reaches for European Standards

Longboarding is one of the fastest growing sports, likely the fastest growing fast sport.  This is my son, Wolf's third season of racing.  Try as I might to describe what they actually do on a race course, my descriptions often fall short.  So i thought I would like some footage here  to show what was like two weekends ago at Britannia Beach's Gold Rush Challenge. 

Wolf took third spot in the junior division behind Washington State's, Spencer Smith.  

Graveyard Call: Registering for the Race in the Alps

May 14th, 2010 was marked on my Blackberry for weeks, and on the paper calendar for longer than that.  That was the day, 8am French time when we could finally register Wolf for Graveyard Call, the Biggest downhill event in France.  There are only 80 spots for down hill racers at this event as there are also downhill in-line skaters and street-luge racers.  Twenty spots had already been taken by priority riders, that being riders who have international ranking.  This meant that Wolf was competing for the remaining sixty spots.

Race season is on in BC: Attack of Danger Bay, Jake's Rash and Gold Rush Challenge!!!

The birds twittered in their see-saw way this morning under a grey sky.  I rolled over wondering if it was time to get up yet..  The clock read 5:31am.  I rolled back, shut my eyes and momentarily wondered if I should check to see if Wolf had woken up, if his alarm had gone off.  This morning is the second race in three days, and he had a ferry to catch.  But then I heard the latch of the gate shut, the tell-tale slap of skateboard wheels on the back lane and he was gone.  No need for me to get up after all.  But by then it was too late;  I was awake.

Mom you don't want to watch this

Yesterday, Wolf was tell me about how excited he is to be going to the Attack of Danger Bay this coming May long weekend.  It will be his third time at that race/ festival.  It is hard to believe that it was two years ago when he was only fourteen when we agreed to let our boy go off on his own to that race.  He's been hooked ever since.

Outlaw Racing

Unlike soccer and field-hockey, two team sports I am also very familar with, downhill skateboard racing, (aka, longboarding)  is often done in an 'outlaw' format.  This was forbidding in my home until this year.  I couldn't handle sending my child off to a non-sanctioned race, and 'outlaw' just sounded so bad.

My Kid is Printed Magazine Glory

This was our surprise this week.  Wolf came home with the latest issue of Concrete Wave, the magazine for longboarders, and many skateboarders too, as far as I know.  (There are dozens of other skateboarder mags out there, but not so many that feature longboarding).  And there on page five, I think, and I should say all of page five, is this fantastic ad featuring the one, the only, Wolfgang Coleman, my fifteen year old son!!! Okay this is one proud mama here.  I can't help it. Wolf coleman in Concrete Wave Mag. ad

Lorrie Miller, mom of skateboarding racing star, Wolfgang, talks about her son's appearance in an ad in a skateboarding magazine.

Push for the Cure

Push for the Cure is an annual event during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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