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The USA Track & Field Olympic Trials - Part II: Athletes to Watch

I absolutely love the excitement and drama of the Olympic Trials. In every Trials there are surprises whether it's the athlete who comes out of nowhere to make the team or the heavy favorite who has a bad day and heartbreakingly misses earning her spot. For me it is far better than any reality show. The Olympic Trials are a great chance to get to know the athletes that you'll be seeing in Beijing, and learn some of the interesting stories about their journey to this date with destiny.

The USA Track & Field Olympic Trials - Part I

The Olympic Trials

Although this is an Olympic year, for many track fans their favorite track meet of the year will take place in Oregon in June, not Beijing in July. While the Olympic Games are the meet where Olympians compete, the Olympic Trials are the meet where Olympians are made.

Doping in Track & Field: Is Everyone on the "Juice"?

Now I'm no expert on the scientific specifics of performance-enhancing drugs. Although I'll admit to a know-it-all streak in me that makes it very difficult for me to say these three words: "I don't know." (As my husband always tells me, it's okay sometimes just to say ‘I don't know.' The rest of us realize that you don't actually know EVERYTHING.") One thing I'm proud to say I'm no expert on doping. Once I found out what steroids could do to me- I mean the things that would be hard for a woman to accept like the facial hair and husky voice- all I wanted to know about steroids was how to stay away from them.

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