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Outlaw Racing

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Unlike soccer and field-hockey, two team sports I am also very familar with, downhill skateboard racing, (aka, longboarding)  is often done in an 'outlaw' format.  This was forbidding in my home until this year.  I couldn't handle sending my child off to a non-sanctioned race, and 'outlaw' just sounded so bad.

But really, it isn't as bad as it seems.  Last year ago, a big outlaw race near Vancouver, 'Gold-Rush Challenge'  became a sanctioned race in the British Columbia circuit.  It was a great race, both technical in its route, and set in a stunning setting.  So this year when Wolf told me, (differs from asking) he was going to an 'outlaw' in Abbotsford, I didn't worry anymore than I usually do.  But I also didn't forbid him to go even though it was not officially sanctioned.  

Here is a clip of of Wolf Skating.  Sometimes he's the lad in the red helmet, sometimes he is shirtless (not good), sometimes he is wearing his full-face lid.  He wore knee pads and helmet and gloves for all of the ride.  

He is the final rider in the clip.  He loved the event, even though he suffered an ankle sprain.  Not bad considering some of the other bumps riders encountered.