How To Keep Goggles From Fogging? The Answer May Surprise You

Looking for a way to keep your kids' sports goggles from fogging? While there are lots of anti-fogging products on the market, says optometrist Noah Shriber, the best one may already be in your shower.

Wins and Losses: Not True Measure of Sports Success

The way to measure success in sports, argues Wheelock College Director of Athletics Diana Cutaia, is by whether team and individual goals have been achieved and how well athletes respond to adversity, mistakes, and failure.

Saying No To More Sports: One Mom's Success Story

MomsTeam's advice, that sometimes the best thing a parent can do is nothing, made all the difference in the world for her teenage son, says one mom.

Injury Time: One Mom's Not So Surprising Reaction

The play is over, and the football players in the pile all get up, except for one.  One mom's story of what happened next may not be so surprising.

Find Activity Child Can Enjoy With Family And As Adult

Involve children in activities they can enjoy with the family and as adults, such as kayaking, canoeing, or bicycling, says MomsTeam's Brooke de Lench.

NFL Star's Return to Hometown Special for One Mom and Her Son

Dallas native and Detroit Lions quarterback Matt Stafford turns a win over the Cowboys into a special moment for a mom and her 11-year-old son from his old neighborhood.

Parents Should Support, Not Criticize Sports Performance

The last thing a child needs to hear on the sports sideline is a parent giving coaching pointers or putting pressure on them to perform. What they want most is unconditional support and encouragement.

Sports Parenting: Teaching the Right Values Should Always Come First

A mom of seven says parents of youth athletes need to make sure that their kids' sports promotes values and life lessons consistent with their own.

My Polaroid Moment......Good things develop over time...

As an official, I have the benefit of seeing immediate behavior changes as a direct result of my calls. Blow the whistle and play stops. Warn the kids to ease up rough play, and they do. Such immediate gratification comes with the job.  As a parent, however, this is not always the case. Aside from adoption of safety rules such as "wear your seatbelt!", or "look both ways before crossing the street!",  we might witness the demonstration of values such as honesty, integrity, or good sportsmanship over time and only in certain circumstances.

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