Grantees: SNY PLAY BALL! presented by Citi is a program to support youth baseball and softball leagues/divisions (players ages 6-12 only) in communities in the New York metropolitan area, including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania (Pike County) and Long Island (please view application for a full list of eligible counties). In 2012, six non-profit and tax-exempt organizations that demonstrate a financial need will be selected to receive a $5,000 grant to be used for the purchase of player equipment and uniforms, field maintenance and renovations, and other annual operating expenses such as umpire fees. Organizations are selected on the following criteria: 1) Areas served; 2) Ratio of operating budget to players; 3) Stated need and plan; 4) Creativity, originality and content of essay. SNY and Citi are also providing two additional $5,000 grants in conjunction with the Baseball Tomorrow Fund (BTF). Selection and eligibility requirements to receive a BTF grant are identical to those for the PLAY BALL! grant. Organizations simply need to submit one PLAY BALL! application to be eligible to receive either a PLAY BALL! or BTF grant – duplicate applications are not required. Applicants will be considered for both types of grant; however, a selected organization will receive either a PLAY BALL! grant or a BTF grant, but not both.


$40,000 (six individual PLAY BALL! $5,000 grants, two individual Baseball Tomorrow Fund $5,000 grants) (Note: three PLAY BALL! grants have already been awarded. A total of five grants remain – three PLAY BALL! and two BTF grants)


June 15, 2012