Attack of Danger Bay (arrival)

A pink ribbon around my wrist marks me an insider, a camper, a racer, but I’m not.  I am the mother of a racer, a camper, an insider.  But, I am the one returning with food for the kids’ race weekend extravaganza.  After delivering groceries to my kids at the campground, I pull out of the mountain campsite nestled in a coastal forest and drive down the windy mountain highway back to my sister’s house where I will live in the comfort of a warm bed, hot water and a flat-screen TV, while my teenagers make due on old therm-a-rests, inside our twenty-year- old, and perfectly functiona

Off to the Races

The Longboard race season is in full swing. As a mother to an extremely fast downhill longboarder, it is a season of excitement and worry. Racing has been something that I have been watching via Youtube. But now, I am packing my bags and heading to my first sanctioned gravity sport event, The Attack of Danger Bay in Pender Harbour, BC, Canada.

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