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Off to the Races

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The Longboard race season is in full swing. As a mother to an extremely fast downhill longboarder, it is a season of excitement and worry. Racing has been something that I have been watching via Youtube. But now, I am packing my bags and heading to my first sanctioned gravity sport event, The Attack of Danger Bay in Pender Harbour, BC, Canada.

Last weekend, my son Wolf stood proud atop the hay podium for having placed first in his division: the grom division--that means junior in the longboard lingo. I am learning... trucks, decks, gnar, grom, delam. Seeing as he has been racing for a year now and this will be his seventh race, I thought I'd pack up my other three kids and join in the fun. It scares me; it really does, but he loves it and I love him, so there you have it. I'm stuck being scared and yet supporting him at an extreme speed sport. He checks all the photos posted of the race and shows me the highlights. He glows when he reveals the roadrash his leathers sustained in a wipeout. He laughs. 'I didn't feel a thing.... I'll have to tape them up for the next race.' Duct-tape, the best instant leather mender out there. At least it isn't his skin. That's what I keep telling myself. I will take a bazillian photos at the race, but in the meantime, I'll keep watching youtube and www.coastlongboarding.com, and www.unkle.ca for his updates.