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Is Education Enough in the Battle Against Concussions?

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The growing knowledge and awareness about concussions in contact sports has brought this important issue to the forefront of these games. From youth all the way through professional levels brain injury continues to plague players and teams. 

It seems that many believe education on proper techniques for hitting and being hit is a key component to reducing the number of injuries, but we really will not not know, because we do not have good data today and likely will not in the future. Coach education is also considered to be an important element, but most coaches are overwhelmed volunteers, and that seems like a bad bet for the kids. Education and awareness are indeed important to raise awareness to a level that there is a tipping point in favor of making the necessary changes to protect the kids.

Winston Churchill is quoted as saying that "Americans eventually will do the right thing, after they have tried everything else first." Maybe we are still in the trying phase.

Ocoms razor would offer that we simplify the problem to being one of eliminating blows to the head  which will eliminate concussions and other nasty injuries.  I guess we need to try other things first. 

Congratulations to Brooke and others who continue to pound the drum and ring the bell about these issues. When the mothers of the kids finally vote for safety, then change will occur.