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Sever's Disease

My 12 yr old son, Hunter, plays football, baseball & basketball. He was just diagnoised with Sever's Disease. He is currently playing football and is in ALOT of pain!! I'm curious if there is a certain brand of cleat that is better for a child with this painful condition? I am also concerned about how to assure Hunter that it will pass and to NOT let this affect his love for sports, especially football!

An article on Sever's

An article on Sever's Disease by Eric Laudano, ATC, one of MomsTEAM's experts, recommends custom orthotics or padded heel cups. William H. Caddoo, DC explains in a video how a patented, state-of-the-art soft tissue system/movement-based massage technique called Active Release Techniques® (A.R.T. ®) can be used to effectively treat overuse injuries in growing athletes such as Sever's Disease.  Hope this helps. 

Lindsay Barton

Senior Health & Safety Editor