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Parenting Elite Athletes

How To Improve An Athlete's Speed And Agility

To improve an athlete's speed (the ability to run from point A to point B), strength and conditioning trainer Mike Boyle says the simple answer is to run fast (wind sprints); to improve agility (the ability to run quickly from point A to point B and back to point A), Boyle says athletes need to build leg muscle strength (bigger "brakes").

Sports Injury Prevention: Regular Screening By Physical Therapist Recommended

Taking a holistic approach to sports injury prevention, including regular screening by a physical therapist to identify muscle imbalances and/or biomechanical flaws, and prescribe corrective exercises, is critically important to the success of elite athletes, says physical therapist Patricia Ladis.

Chronic Pain: Earlier Treatment The Better

Physical therapist Patricia Ladis says that parents need to pay attention to the pain their child is experiencing early before it becomes chronic,  and says chronic pain can only be treated by getting all muscle structures working in balance.

Weight Training For Youth Athletes: More to Getting Stronger Than Pumping Iron

In today's hyper-competitive youth sports environment, young athletes are constantly seeking ways to gain an advantage; so much so, in fact, that kids have begun rushing into the weight room in record numbers.  But doing so before laying a sound physical foundation first is a mistake, and one that can often lead to serious long term consequences.

College Athletics Just One Part of Educational Experience

Wheelock College Director of Athletics Diana Cutaia embraces the Division III philosophy that says college athletics should be about complimenting the educational experience.

Peak Athletic Performance: A Training Plan Can Help

Whether your child plays soccer, basketball, swims, runs, or races her bike, an individualized or personal training program can help her perform at her best and achieve peak athletic performance.

Strength and Conditioning Coach: Bigger Better, Nutrition Key, Mental Toughness Essential

Strength and conditioning coach Mike Boyle advises parents of young
athletes that: bigger is better, nutrition is key, and developing mental
toughness and commitment is essential.

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