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Parenting Elite Athletes

Sports Are Great For Kids, But Too Much Comes With Risks

The benefits of sports participation are numerous, says Lyle Micheli, M.D., Director, Division of Sports Medicine at Children's Hospital Boston, including improved physical fitness and opportunities for socialization.  Parents should help their child find a sport they enjoy, but too much sports can result in psychological burnout, physical injuries, and turn the child off to physical exercise.

Physical Therapists Help Prevent Injuries And Improve Athletic Performance

Regular PT visits can help prevent sports injuries and improve athletic performance, says physical therapist Patricia Ladis.

Physical Therapists Are Really Efficiency Experts

Because one of their most important jobs is to identify and correct muscular and other imbalances, a physical therapist is really an efficiency expert, says Patricia Ladis.

What Landon Collins' Mother Understood That Her Son Didn't Say

The video clip of Landon Collins went viral almost instantly, not to mention setting the blog- and Twitter-sphere ablaze.

There was the nation's top ranked high school safety announcing his decision to attend the University of Alabama during the Under Armour All-America Game three weeks ago, while his mom, April Justin, looked on with a pained expression on her face, shaking her head in disapproval of his choice.

The video of April Justin's disappointment when her son Landon Collins announced his decision to attend the University of Alabama to play football has provoked a mostly negative reaction in the blog- and Twitter-sphere, but perhaps, says Brooke de Lench, there is another side to the story, one which explains why she reacted the way she did.

Kids Who Delay Sports Specialization More Coordinated and Physically Fit, Study Finds

Boys participating in more than one sport before age 12 are more physically fit and have better gross motor coordination than those who specialize in a single sport early, says a new study.  Whether the reason is because they play multiple sports or because the best athletes choose not to specialize early is unclear.

Resistance Band Training: Effective and Affordable For Youth Athletes

Rubber resistance bands are some of the best and most affordable training tools kids can use. Available in a variety of styles, sizes and strengths, resistance bands offer benefits other types of strength and conditioning equipment can't match.

Athletic Success: An Accident of Birth?

If your child plays hockey or softball and is celebrating a birthday this month, congratulations, your kid is very lucky!

Why is that, you may ask?

Numerous studies have shown give kids in sports where teams are grouped by age born early in the age-group year (January for hockey and softball, May for baseball, and August for soccer) a number of advantages over their younger teammates.  Should success in sports really depend on the month of an athlete's birthday?

Don't Specialize Too Early, Says Ruggiero

Four time Olympic medalist Angela Ruggiero played sports beside ice hockey until she got to college.  She urges parents to resist the increasing pressure on their child to specialize too early.

Love of Sport Must Come From Child, Not Parents

Four-time Olympic medalist Angela Ruggiero says the love of sport must come from within each child; it can't be from their parents. 

Support of Parents Key To Athletic Success

Four-time Olympic medalist Angela Ruggiero says she owes everything to her parents, whose support, not just in making sure she got all the equipment she needed and to practice but ate the right kind of food, was a key to her athletic success.
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