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Yoga For Kids: It Helps Calm A Child's Overstimulated Mind

Most of us know by now that yoga is good for your body and can keep you strong and flexible. John de Kadt (the gentleman in the video below) addresses something that I feel has become a major source of stress physically, mentally, emotionally, and definitely neurologically in the children of the world today: overstimulation.

In the last in her series on the Wanderlust Festival, Tracey Wright, D.C. talks to John de Kadt about how yoga can help calm a child's increasingly overstimulated mind.

Yoga Helps Kids Discover Their Strengths In Gentle and Less Competitive Way

Many adults I spoke with at the Wanderlust Festival this summer in Stratton, Vermont were athletes growing up. When I asked them how their lives would have been different had they practiced yoga as children, they all agreed that they would likely have discovered their strengths as athletes and as individuals in a more gentle and less competitive way.

In today’s world of youth organized sports, much of the focus is on winning, moving fast and being the best. Many of these goals come from outside pressures of parents, coaches and society. Yoga dissolves the external pressures to perform at a fast pace, allowing participants to slow down and realize that they are perfect exactly where and how they are, in the moment.

Practicing yoga helps children discover their strengths as athletes and individuals in a more gentle and less competitive way.

Yoga for Kids: Tips for Children’s Yoga Practice

The practice of yoga promotes body awareness, clarity, and self-respect, and help kids experience a whole new level of personal growth and strength.
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