Top 5 Minimalist and Barefoot Running Shoes

If you are considering buying your first pair of minimalist shoes, you can't know which shoe is best for you without trying on a few pairs, says an avid minimalist runner, but here are five minimalist shoes that you should definitely consider.

Rediscovering The Joys Of Barefoot Running: With Shoes!

Earlier this month I received an email that just may change the way that I train and live my life. To put it in perspective, I need to go back in time a bit (well, more than a bit!).

Having a beautiful beach on which to run barefoot has helped generations of athletes in one Massachusetts town win state championship after championship. A new pair of running shoes is helping MomsTEAM's Founder and Publisher rediscover the joy of going barefoot.

Buying Athletic Shoes For Track, Cross-Country, Marathons or Triathlons

If your child wants to run track, cross-country, marathons, or triathlons, selecting the right running shoe is extremely important.

Replacing Athletic Shoes Recommended Even If No Signs of Excessive Wear

Because the mid-sole material of an athletic shoe takes a pounding and eventually loses its ability to provide your child's foot with adequate support or cushioning, experts, such as Dr. Michael Lowe, past President of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, and long time team podiatrist of the NBA's Utah Jazz, recommend periodic replacement of athletic shoes, even if the bottom sole shows no sign of excessive wear.

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