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Bike-To-Work Week: One Wisconsin school is getting kids involved.

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The League of American Bicyclists is promoting this week as Bike-to-Work Week, Monday May 17 - 21.  The week long dedication to commuting conjures up images of America’s workforce hitting the streets on two wheels for a change instead of four, but I didn’t initially think about kids doing the same.

Walden III, an alternative, public, magnet school located in an inner city neighborhood of Racine, Wisconsin, is encouraging their middle and high school students to ride to school this week.  Most of Walden III’s 500 students are either bussed or drive to school, but teachers are expecting at least 50 students to don their helmets and ride to school this week.  Bright and early, students meet at one of three locations around the city and, led by several teachers, pedal approximately thirty minute to school.  The groups meet every day this week, but Wednesday is the big push.  If you haven’t already, think about pulling out the bike tomorrow and riding to work for a change.  You could also help your child and a group of her friends do the same. Happy riding! 

For more information about Bike-To-Work Week visit: http://www.bikeleague.org/programs/bikemonth/ 


For information on Walden III middle and high school visit:  www.waldengreenschool.com 

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