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Are high school sports worth the money?

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We had a very interesting situation in Southington, CT recently.  The head football coach got hold of the opposing team's play wrist band and used it to help his team defend the other team's offense.  The head coach was called on it and has subsequently admitted to using the play wrist band during the game to defeat his opponent.  With all the controversies in high school and youth sports, can we honestly say that high school (and youth) coaches have the growth and moral development of their charges as their true motivation for coaching, or has it become more about the winning and the losing; the dominance of other teams, coaches and individuals?  My seventh grade English class and I discussed this issue in great length.  What troubles me most is that many of my students felt that cheating or gaining some kind of competitive advantage was just part of the game.  To them, sports exist outside the confines of real life, and what someone does on the field in order to win is just "sports".  I contend that this is the attitude many politicians, CEO's, and other executives have as the core to their values of success.  "Do what we must to win."  So the question is, do we continue to support athletic budgets in high schools?  Can we honestly say that high school sports continue to support the educational mission of schools?  I suppose it all comes down to the absolute demands of each town's board of education, administration, and athletic department that high school coaches act with integrity and focus regarding the mission statement of the school.  If we are not willing to hold our high school coaches accountable, let's end the hypocrisy and go to a premiere/AAU format.