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SmartTeams™ Talks: Sports Dietitian Allison Maurer Says Youth Athletes Grossly Overfed But Chronically Under-Fueled

University of Tennessee sports dietitian, Allison Maurer, RD, views nutrition as one of the missing links in injury prevention, thinks the message about sports nutrition needs to be changed to "food is fuel," and urges an increased presence of nutritionists at the high school level.

Talking Sports Nutrition: Parents May Not Be Best Messengers

A 2012 study by researchers at the University of Minnesota contains some troubling findings about parents' attitudes towards sports and healthy nutrition. MomsTEAM decided to ask sports nutrition expert Allison Maurer for her advice on improving nutrition among youth athletes. 

Lindsey Remmers (Sports Dietitian): Helped Athlete Overcome Eating Disorder

In recognition of April as National Youth Sports Safety Month, MomsTeam has asked 30 experts to write a blog answering two questions: first, how or why did they get into their field, and second, how have they made a difference in the life of a youth athlete in the past year.

Today, we hear from sports nutritionist Lindsey Remmers.

By Lindsey Remmers MS, RD, CSSD, LMNT

A sports dietitian in the athletic department of a leading NCAA Division 1 university talks about how she helped a college athlete overcome an eating disorder and achieve a personal best in her sport.
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