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Jenny Dalton-Hill (Coach and College Softball Great): Would Change Attitude Of Entitlement of Today's Youth

Being the mother of an athlete is a challenging yet rewarding role. So momsTEAM designated May as Sports Moms Month and has been celebrating by asking some of our favorite sports moms to share their wisdom by responding to a series of questions.

We heard from a fascinating range of sports moms, from a mom of an Olympic athlete to moms who were themselves Olympic athletes, from a moms of former minor league baseball players and NCAA Division 1 basketball players to a Minnesota hockey mom and author, from a sports nutritionist to an award-winning health and safety reporter.   

A former college softball great and longtime coach would love to change the attitude of entitlement that today's youth possess about sports, and says sport should be approached with respect: Respect for coaches, parents, equipment, and the game.
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