Preventing Concussions

Ivy League Football Completes First Season Under New Concussion Prevention Rules

The Ivy League adopted groundbreaking new rules for the 2011 football season intended to lower the risk of concussion and the number subconcussive hits, including reducing to two the number of full-contact, in-season practices allowed per week. New research suggests that such repeated hits may cause more brain damage than blows resulting in diagnosed concussions.  

Whether Mouth Guards Reduce Concussion Risk Unclear

Whether mouth guards prevent concussive brain injury remains unclear, says MomsTeam concussion expert, William P. Meehan, III, M.D.

Know the Signs and Symptoms of Football Related Concussions.

Hello Everyone, Coach Bobby Hosea here.  Now that football season is upon us, there are some very important facts about football related concussions all participants should know.

Parents, if you have a child playing tackle football on any level of football competition and they are complaining of headaches, nausea, dizziness or seeing flashes of light when they collide with other players, these are not "normal" parts of the game, they are signs and symptoms of football related concussions.

Concussion Risk in Youth Ice Hockey Triples When Body-Checking Allowed

A Canadian study finding that the risk of concussion  in youth ice hockey leagues that allow body-checking is triple that in leagues that do not, is likely to fuel calls to extend the ban on body-checking to 11- and 12-year-olds playing at the Pee Wee level

Anticipating Body-Checks May Reduce Youth Ice Hockey Concussion Risk: Study

Teaching youth hockey players to anticipate collisions by using the "ready" position may reduce the risk of concussions in hockey, say the authors of a first-of-its-kind study of head impact severity among youth ice hockey players.  The study is reported in the June 2010 journal Pediatrics.

Up to Moms to Protect Kids From Serious Head Injuries in Football

Hello Everyone, Coach Bobby Hosea here to share some important information with you.

First, I want to congratulate Brooke and her team for re-establishing the name MomsTeam. I can only guess somebody suggested in order to be politically correct that Dads needed to be represented with the former "Parents" something or other name.  The fact of the matter when it comes to children, Moms care more. Dads do care but, Moms care more about the safety and well-being  of their children, especially when it comes to tackle football.

Proper Tackling Reduces Risk of Catastrophic Injury Says Ex-Pro

A former pro football player says that teaching proper tackling technique so that players don't lead their helmets when making tackles can reduce the risk of catastrophic head and neck and spine injuries in football and give parents a little more peace of mind in watching their child play what is always going to be a dangerous game.

Preventing Concussions and Catastrophic Injuries in Sports

Advice on ways to prevent concussions and reduce the number of fatalities and catastrophic injuries in school sports such as football, soccer, ice hockey, swimming, diving, track and field, cheerleading, spirit and competitive cheer.

Youth and High School Football Safety

To reduce the number of serious head, neck and spine injuries in youth and high school football, experts recommend that coaches stress the teaching of proper tackling techniques that avoid helmet-to-helmet contact.
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