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Hello Everyone, Coach Bobby Hosea here.  Now that football season is upon us, there are some very important facts about football related concussions all participants should know.

Parents, if you have a child playing tackle football on any level of football competition and they are complaining of headaches, nausea, dizziness or seeing flashes of light when they collide with other players, these are not "normal" parts of the game, they are signs and symptoms of football related concussions.

They must stop playing immediately, report all signs and symptoms to a medical doctor and do not return to play without medical clearance.

85% of the 3.8 million estimated concussions football players suffer each season occurs during practice and multiple concussions can have catastrophic consequences.  

To enlighten and empower your athlete to identify and avoid the physical mechanisms that lead to head-first impact when they attempt to make a tackle, please visit my website at www.TrainEmUpAcademy.org.

After every practice and game, ask your athlete how they are feeling, ask them if they hit their head in any drill during practice or plays in the game or scrimmage. Keep a written log of the number of occasions your child reports these incidences to you.  

Only knowledge and training can lower the incidence of head-first impact and decrease the risks of self-inflicted concussions that result from players initiating contact with the helmet to make tackles. 

Have a great season all!

Coach Bobby Hosea