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We don't have a large house. My son's room, though he is increasingly getting bigger, is not expanding.  We feed him, he grows. I wish we could feed his room something to make it grow, too.

His closet space is limited as well. One result is the overflow of shoes. While there are a few shoes in his closet, skate board shoes, wrestling shoes, once and awhile his snow boots get put away.  Here's what his floor looks like. Collection of athletic shoes on the floor of a kid's bedroom

Yesterday I was amazed at the collection of shoes in the middle of his floor.

  • basketball shoes - 2 pair
  • baseball cleats  - 1 pair
  • football cleats - 1 pair
  • running shoes - 2 pair
  • slippers - 1 pair

What was laudable, was the attempt at order. Even though with his size 13.5 shoes take up about 5 sqaure feet of floor space, he did try to have most of them lined up and paired up.

We've begun to find local retail stores like Ross and Marshalls that carry good athletic shoes. On our son's floor is a gold mine of shoes that we've been able to pay for as if they were only a silver mine. Costly, but carefully affordable. 

I can only guess how many more square feet of floor space next year's athletic shoes will take up!

Oh, by the way, did I mention that he's still growing?