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Opening Post/Press Release/New Beginning

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I guess welcome and thank you.

I am honored to be involved with MomsTeam, in what ever role and/or fashion that Ms. de Lench has in mind.  As a blogger, we naturally thought this would be a good place to start.   

With concussions becoming a huge part of the sporting landscape recently there have been more and more opportunities for people and parents to learn about this injury.  I felt it was a good enough time to start a blog devoted to the gathering of concussion realted content.  That is why I started The Concussion Blog (www.theconcussionblog.com) in September of 2010.  It has since grown and "I" has turned into "we" as there were others out there wanting to voice/help in the this cause.

Enough of the self-promotion...

I am here on MomsTeam to give you relevant information about whatever comes to mind, probably more in the way of injuries; my chosen profession of athletic training has me seeing and dealing with them on a frequent (too frequent) basis.  Perhaps I will blog about life, being a husband and father of three (newest two weeks old).  You might catch me ranting about my favorite sporting teams; Denver Broncos, Colorado Rockies, Colorado Avalanche, Denver Nuggets, University of Illinois Basketball, Colorado State University Football.  Or, another great passion of mine, FOOD!!!  I just hope that any sliver of information that I put out there can enlighten some of you, I for sure do not want you "paging away" thinking to yourself that you lost brain cells in that moment of time you will never get back, ha.

Thanks for your time, and I hope that "The Fink Files" will be entertaining and worthy of your visit because as Chuck Sheen says....  it rhymes with winning!