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Webinar on August 17: Effective Management Practices for a Winning Organization

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The best-run youth sports organizations understand that a successful season is not measured by how many games are won, but by bringing out the best in athletes and their families, bringing players back season after season, and attracting new players.

If you find yourself in a leadership role as a board member, administrator, coach or team-mom, you may be wondering how you can help make this happen. Soccer ball with parents in background

Join me on August 17th to learn the answers in a FREE webinar hosted by our friends at Active Sports.  The topic will be Discovering the Most Effective Management Practices for a Winning Organization.

In addition to learning how to bring about better league management and, ultimately, continued growth for your organization, I will share:

  • The 10 most important steps to keep parents & kids coming back season after season;
  • How to manage your league effectively from a business perspective; and
  • How to use business best-practices as a league official.

After my presentation, I will host a Q & A session during which you can address the specific issues you've faced in your organization, hear what others have learned, and come away with the tools you need for run a great youth sports organization.

After I appeared as the keynote speaker at the AYSO's National General Meeting,  AYSO Marketing VP, Lynn Berling-Manuel, noted that my talk "was invaluable," teaching 800+ regional national directors "ways to keep their organizations growing and thriving."

Don't miss this opportunity to hear me share the tools needed for a winning organization in these times of high competition, as more leagues go head-to-head to attract the same players. Join us on August 17 for this important webinar.  Attendance is limited, so register now!