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Teaching Accountability: Pick The Right Time

Teaching youth athletes personal accountability for their actions on and off the field is important, but finding the right time to impart that life lesson can be tricky, says a long-time youth baseball coach and author.

Evaluating Coaches: Ask Athletes, Watch Practices

Wheelock College athletic director Diana Cutaia says it is important in evaluating coaches to seek input from student-athletes (because they don't measure success solely in terms of wins and losses), and to watch them run practices, where good coaches are always teaching, motivating, and keeping kids moving.

Coaching Girls: Just Let Them Talk!

Social interaction is particularly important for girls, so Wheelock College Director of Athletics and Sports-Based Initiatives, Diana Cutaia, advises coaches of girls who say all they want to do is talk to do just that.

Jesus Chant by Fans Was Poor Sportsmanship

One should not taunt an opponent - even by invoking Jesus.  Yet, that's exactly what one all-boy's Catholic school recently did, prompting an unfortunate reaction from the coach of their co-ed public school opponent. 

Game Forfeiture: Costly but Preventable

The practice of "preventive officiating", if executed well, can minimize the chances of game forfeiture, but there is no guarantee. Preventing forfeiture is squarely the responsibility of the coach and the players, says a high school basketball official.

Coaches Play Important Role In Concussion Safety

With the concussion safety laws now in place in a virtually all U.S. states, coaches play an increasingly important role in concussion safety, especially in the all-important decision about whether to remove an athlete from play for further evaluation.

The Violence In Youth Sports Continues

I just saw this video and I provided the link below for all to see. This video and the actions of one football team make me ill to my stomach. I just don't have any words for it right now but will follow up on it at a later time. Please view the article and the video and give your comments on it. We as a society have to do something to prevent this type of stuff from happening.


They must be prosecuted

Player Injuries and Safety: Game Officials Need to Manage Both

Game officials have well-defined responsibilities for player safety once the contest starts, but rules regarding when to stop play to remove an injured player are less clear.

Why So Many Coaches Have Anger Issues

Why do so many youth sports coaches have anger issues?

Why do so many youth sports coaches have anger issues? This is real simple to answer. Because they are not as good of teachers as they think they are. But it takes more than a sentence to explain.

Sharing and Learning: A Constant for Sports Officials

Becoming a top sports official requires hard work, dedication to skill development, and a never ending desire to improve, whether for a teen starting out, to high school officials, all the way to the pros.
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