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Why do kids need swim lessons? Ask 6 year-old Hayden.

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No sooner did I post about a very scary and rare type of drowning, than a more typical type almost occurred.

Thanks to the quick thinking of a 6 year old boy who had swim lessons, this story didn't end in tragedy but it could have because the friend he saved was in that pool not knowing how to swim and without is "floaties". Good going Haden!

Floaties and bubbles do allow nonswimers to enjoy the water but are not fool-proof. They can slip off and kids can get water in their mouths and then into their lungs causing drowning.

So, for kids over 4, please get your kids swim lessons. For kids who can't swim, do not ever, ever, ever, let them go into a pool without an adult right there at arm's reach. And, be very, very careful of backyard water toys and pools. Those are drowning hazards, too.

BTW, the CPSC reported today that drownings are on the rise.

So, please be water-smart with your kids. It is tempting to chat with other grownups if those are around but someone needs to have direct eyes on the water and, likely, someone needs to be in the water.