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Donald Collins, J.D.

Newspaper Challenge to State High School Association's Internet Broadcast Rights Rejected

Newspapers don't have a First Amendment right to stream Wisconsin high school sports in violation of the state association on-line broadcast agreements, a federal appeals court in Chicago rules.

Flash Mobs: Coming Soon To A High School Sports Contest Near You?

Flash mob violence is likely to happen at a high school sports contest somewhere, sometime.  That's the problem with flash mobs: where and when they occur is up to the flash mob itself. 

Sharing and Learning: A Constant for Sports Officials

Becoming a top sports official requires hard work, dedication to skill development, and a never ending desire to improve, whether for a teen starting out, to high school officials, all the way to the pros.

Can School Sports Survive the Bad Economy?

When an elite private school like California's Montclair Prep drops athletics, you know the economy is bad.  Is the athletic program at your child's school next to fall to the budget ax?

Not Going Pro? Not School or Coach's Fault

When high school athletes fail to win a college athletic scholarship, they sometimes look for someone to blame, even to the point of suing in federal court.  Attorney and long-time sports administrator, Donald Collins, highlights just the latest in a series of such frivolous lawsuits.

Best and Worst of Youth Sports: January to June 2011

There were plenty of bad acts to choose from for the first half of 2011, but on the good side of the ledger was a lesson in sportsmanship from a 5th grader at Evansdale Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia, which earned him first place in the National Sportsmanship Day Essay Contest, Elementary Division in March. 

Best and Worst in Youth Sports: July to December 2010

There were plenty of bad acts to choose from for the second half of 2011, but on the good side of the ledger was Alfreda Harris, who was awarded the Mannie Jackson Award for lifelong accomplishments on behalf of her community by the Basketball Hall of Fame.  A Boston school board member and former JC basketball coach, Harris runs an SAT Prep program, after-school basketball programs, and has worked with Reebok to bring computers and tutors into areas sorely lacking in educational essentials.

Title IX, Harassment and Sportsmanship

Title IX comes up in a sports context so often that we tend to forget that Title IX bars sex discrimination in any educational program that receives federal funds.  Sports is not a prerequisite for a Title IX claim; it just seems that way.

West Virginia Poised to Criminalize Assaults on Sports Officials

West Virginia is on the verge of becoming the 20th state to pass legislation criminalizing batteries upon sports officials.  MomsTeam contributor, Don Collins, who oversees high school sports in the San Francisco area, says the sad fact is that assaults on sports officials are all too commonplace.

Home-Schooled Students: Should They Be Able to Play School Sports?

Indiana is moving towards passage of a bill that would bring home-schooled students one step closer to gaining interscholastic athletic eligibility.  If the bill is enacted into law, Indiana would be the twenty-second state to allow home school students to play for a high school sports team.  MomsTeam contributor Don Collins says opponents and proponents both make good arguments. 

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