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Charlie Brown Teaches Us All Life Lessons Through Sports

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Somehow I missed the Facebook message to post a picture of your favorite cartoon character. Or, perhaps the message was which cartoon character are you most like? I will pick the former.

So, Charlie Brown gets my vote.

I love that he loves sports, and that the most important thing for him is that he just wants to play and he wants his friends to have a chance to play. He has learned so many lessons along the way. What loss and failure feels like. What winning meant to him as well as to the losing players. He also learned the very important lesson of being a patient yet persistent and hopeful athlete. How many times did he wish that Lucy would not pull the football away from him as he went to kick a field goal or the stars? Lucy pulls football away from Charlie Brown again

And, who can forget Charlie reporting for baseball Opening Day during a snow storm? Ah, the simple life lessons kids in sports can teach us all.

Which cartoon character gets your vote? Who is your favorite sports cartoon character?

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