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Summer Camp Benefits Kids In Lots Of Ways

The director of a co-ed summer camp in Maine lists the many reasons why a sleep-away camp experience is so valuable for kids.

Summer Camp: Is It Where Disordered Eating Sometimes Starts?

For all the great things about summer camp, it may also be a place where children, away from parental supervision for weeks or even months, can develop disordered eating behaviors, say experts.  Here are some tips to help parents plan a healthy, fun camp experience for their children and proactively practice eating disorders prevention.

The Straight Skinny On Choosing A Weight Loss Camp

With summer fast approaching, you are probably beginning to think about how to keep your kids busy.  If your child is struggling with weight (whether it's 10 pounds or 100 pounds), wants to get in shape, and increase their self-confidence, you may want to consider weight loss camp.

Summer Camp: Helping Kids Stay Healthy

Attending camp can be an unforgettable experience for young children, and it can have a positive effect on their psychological development, self esteem and independence, says the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) in a revised policy statement published in the April 2011 issue of the journal Pediatrics

Preventing Sexual Abuse At Summer Camp: Five Tips for Parents

Summer camp is an ideal place for abusers. While no camp is immune from the possibility of sexual abuse, there are five important steps parents can take to prevent their child from becoming a victim says abuse expert, Dr. Jackie Humans.

Packing for Sports Camp: Tips to Make Sure Your Child is Prepared

Making sure you pack everything your child will need sports camp this summer can be a challenge.  Luckily, there are some tried-and-true items that you can send to camp with your children to ensure they are prepared for almost anything.   In addition to packing all the sports equipment your child will need, here's a head-to-toe summer camp packing list.
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