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Advice for Sports Moms from a Sports Mom

Women, particularly the mothers who volunteer, are often the backbone of what makes a youth sports team work smoothly.
Unfortunately, as with dads, when it comes to their own child's sports team, a mom's greatest strengths can become weaknesses that can cause problems for her child and his/her coach. 

Performance Anxiety – 3 Quick Ways to Reduce Stress before the Big Game

Summer is when a variety of youth sports leagues begin post-season tournaments, World Series events and State Championships so an article on calming performance anxiety seemed to be fitting.

Out-of-Control Parents In Youth Sports: Symptom Or Disease?

It seems to be popular these days to blame the parents for their out-of-control behavior at youth sports events. There is probably no way to completely eliminate the emotional pressure a parent feels when they are attending their child's athletic event (pressure that naturally increases as the child moves up the competitive ladder), but are parents who act out a symptom of what is wrong with youth sports or the disease itself?

Getting Involved In "Extreme Sports": Advice From Parents Of Top Extreme Athletes

During the San Francisco X Games, MomsTeam talked to moms of some of the top athletes, who shared their experiences in the world of "extreme" sports and advice on what other parents should know to help them decide if these sports are right for their child.

Education and Training of Parents, Coaches and Officials Keys To Positive Youth Sports Experience

To create the best possible environment for youth sports requires cooperation and coordination between parents, coaches, and game officials that can only be achieved through education.

Youth Sports and the Media

Each summer, 12-year-old boys are thrust into the spotlight of the Little League World Series. It is a great thrill for most of them to be on TV and have the whole country watch them compete play against the best young baseball players in the world for what is truly a world championship.

Teaching Kids to Relax Playing Sports

Parents can help young athletes overcome anxiety and have more fun playing sports, including a technique called performance exhaling.

Youth Sports Parent Training

In the fall of 2000, 2700 parents went through our first four-hour training program. Not all parents were happy to be there at the beginning, but the vast majority left the program better educated and determined to make the football sideline a happier, more enjoyable and healthier place to be. Parents For Youth Sports 2000 is already having a positive impact on sideline behavior.

On The Border: Sports Parent Training In El Paso, Texas

El Paso, Texas is a multi-cultural city of 700,000 across the Rio Grande River from Juarez, Mexico. Like most communities across the United States, large and small, El Paso has experienced problems in youth sports, including out-of-control parents. In 1999, youth sports violence in El Paso escalated. At city-sponsored football games, incidents of violence included parents...

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