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Concussions: Monitor Child in First 24-48 Hours

Regular post-concussion monitoring is essential in the first 24 to 48 hours after injury to check for signs of deteriorating mental status that may indicate a more serious injury, says Dr. Robert Cantu.

Is it Time For Youth Soccer Players To Start Shouting Back At Parents Yelling Instructions From the Sidelines?

Some of the things adults yell at children at soccer games are just downright hilarious. Like the coach who yelled at a 6-year-old, "Give him a target on the flank!" Maybe kids should start shouting back and give an earful right back to the loudmouths on the sideline.


Ten Things To Remember After Your Child's Team Loses

No matter how talented your child may be, there are going to days when he doesn't play his best, or when, despite his best effort, his team loses.  How you manage both the ups, and the inevitable downs, will play a large role in whether your child has a successful youth sports experience.  Here are ten things to keep in mind after your child's team loses or he doesn't perform up to his expectations.

Five Common College Recruiting Mistakes

As someone who's been through the college recruiting process and as a coach who works with high school aged athletes that are currently going through the college recruiting process, there are a few fundamental mistakes families make again and again.

What To Do If Your Child Doesn't Want You To Watch Her Soccer Game

Kids, especially under twelve, are always seeking their parents' approval. Negative labels and generalizations and criticism can have a devastating emotional impact. If you critique your child's performance, she will interpret your anger, disapproval, and disappointment as meaning that you don't love her anymore-that your love is conditional.

Talking to the Coach: Advice for Soccer Moms and Dads

If the world were a perfect place, talking to their child's occer coach would be as natural and stress free for a soccer mom or dad as talking to their child's teacher. Unfortunately, there is not much that worries and confuses soccer moms more than talking to their child's coach.

Re-Evaluating US Soccer's Residency Program

In light of poor results at the 2007 U-17 World Cup, the launch of the U.S. Soccer Development Academy, and MLS's move into the youth arena, it's time to reassess U.S. Soccer's 9-year-old Residency Program in Bradenton, Florida.

EduKick Soccer News Update

EduKick summer camps in England, Italy, Spain, France, and Mexico came to a close this month. Campers from over 23 different countries around the world honed their skills in EduKick's soccer camps.
This week, Joe Morgan, GM of EduKick Soccer Camps reports on our our soccer camps and soccer boarding schools.
Take your soccer skills to the next level.

Soccer Resources

A listing of major soccer organizations and governing bodies.

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