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Safety Goggles Can Prevent Most Eye Injuries in Youth Basketball

Basketball is the leading cause of sports-related eye injury in athletes age 15 to 24.  A study found that nearly all (96.6%) NBA basketball players suffering eye injuries were not wearing protective eyewear at the time of their injury. 

Protective eyewear is available in either a goggle design or a shield;

  • Regardless of the design you chose for your child, the frame should cover the entire socket and not just the eyeball;
  • If selecting a shield, look for a frame that fits closely to the face, so as to minimize the potential for a finger to get underneath and displace the frame.  
  • The frame should be padded at the temple and bridge to absorb some of the shock, lessen the overall impact, and limit damage the frame may cause to the face;
  • An elasticized band works best to hold the frame in place.  Regular temples will not secure the frame tightly enough and a finger could displace the frame and end up in your child's eye; and
  • In addition to having an impact resistant lens, the frame must also be able to withstand impact.  Frames molded with propionate are lightweight and offer strength and flexibility.
  • Look for polycarbonate lenses since they are virtually unbreakable.
Most importantly, says optician Noah Shriber, buy goggles that your child actually likes.   Sport goggles now come in a variety of colors and shapes to fit every child's needs.




Source: AthleticOptics.com