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Finding The Right Youth Hockey Camp: Advice to Parents

From the questions I get about my own summer hockey camps, and with so many camps to choose from, I know that there are parents out there who don't know exactly what they are all about and are confused about what makes a really good camp.

Ice Hockey: A Primer For Parents

A game of ice hockey starts with a face-off at the center-ice face-off circle. When the referee drops the puck, the opposing centers try to gain possession, or direct it to a teammate.

Protecting Your Investment: Caring For Ice Hockey Skates

Because skates play such an important part in skating, and are a big investment, it pays to take good care of them.

Meet MomsTeam's Hockey Expert: Angela Ruggiero

Four-time Olympic medalist Angela Ruggiero brings a stellar resume to the position of MomsTeam's ice hockey expert. A native of Los Angeles, California and Harper Woods, Michigan, Angela graduated cum laude with a degree in government from Harvard College, where she was an NCAA First Team Academic All-American, Patty Kasmier Award winner (women's college hockey equivalent of the Hiesman Trophy), as well as one of the top eight student athletes in the entire NCAA in 2004.

Ice Hockey: Fast-Paced and Physical

Hockey: Pronunciation: \ˈhä-kē\
a game played on an ice rink by two teams of six players on skates whose object is to drive a puck into the opponents' goal with a hockey stick.

Play Safe and Clean: How to Prevent The Spread of Communicable and Infectious Diseases in Secondary School Sports

The National Athletic Trainers' Association has re-released a set of recommendations for precautions that should be followed by parents, coaches, athletic trainers, other health care professionals and participants in secondary school athletics, in order to prevent the spread of communicable and infectious diseases. Due to the nature of competitive sports at the high school level, there is an elevated risk of infectious diseases being spread by skin-to-skin contact and contaminated equipment shared by athletes.

Ice Hockey Skills


The act of moving on skates. This includes backwards skating, cross-overs, transitioning from forward to backward skating, and making sharp turns.

Positions in Ice Hockey

Except when a player or players have been sent to the penalty box and are playing shorthanded, each hockey team has six players on the ice at all times. There are three main positions in hockey: goalies, forwards and defensemen.

Official's Signals In Ice Hockey

A visual guide to a referee's hand signals in Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey Glossary Of Terms

There are a lot of terms in Hockey to familiarize yourself with...

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