Football Helmets Need to Be Reconditioned, Recertified

Players come and go, but football helmets get passed on to new players, season after season, year after year.  Here's some basic information parents should know about the football helmets their children are wearing.

Football Shoes

Whatever your child's position on the football field and the type of playing surface, there's a football cleat for him

Xenith X1 Football Helmet Provides More Protection Against Concussions, Founder Says

Xenith founder and CEO, Vin Ferrara, explains how Xenith X1 football helmet protects better than other helmets against concussions and emphasizes the importance of concussion education.

Buying Football Cleats: Factors to Consider

The kind of football cleats that best suits your child depends on the position he plays, the surface on which he plays (grass or artificial turf), the amount of support and protection he wants against ankle injuries, how long he is planning to use the shoes and how much you want to spend.

Football 101: What Equipment Is Needed?

If you know nothing about football, then you're probably wondering what all that bulk is under their uniform jersey and pants.   Its all the equipment players wear to protect them as much as possible for injury.

How To Buy Football Shoes

Whatever your child's position is on the football field, there's a football cleat for them. Football cleats are made both for the position the play and the type of field where you play. Keep these two important factors in mind when you purchase your football footwear.

Youth Football: Selecting A Football

How to find the right football for your child.

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