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EduKick International Soccer Schools Teamwork Tips, Part II

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Sometimes it happens. You end up playing on a team with less ability than you. Teams at our international soccer schools gel very well. Players travel halfway around the world to attend, so they all arrive prepared and focused on the same goal: to play soccer.

It can be a different story with local club teams. You're facing different levels of skill and motivation, and you have to work with what you have. Players coming home from our international soccer schools often face this dilemma, so we put together some tips for how to handle it.

Set the pace

Lead by example, and pull the team together with you. Work hard during practice, and let everyone see you're committed to the team. During games, don't let yourself shine above and beyond the team. Instead, focus on bringing everyone together to get the best out of every player.

Don't tear down your teammates

Sometimes on amateur teams, a player with more technical ability than others will berate their teammates for mistakes. Players in international soccer schools learn positive reinforcement, encouraging fellow players when they do well to bring them up. Practice this positive reinforcement at home.

If a teammate makes a mistake, it's not a problem. Give them a pat on the back, and say, "Let's not make this mistake again. We're all in this together." Players who do that make a difference with their attitude towards their own teammates.

Training like a pro

Players in international soccer schools concentrate on teamwork as well as technical skills. Don't forget to implement that at home. Coaches and parents talk about players showing better organizational skills, reading the game better, and helping organize their teammates into different positions on the field.

Are they talking about you? Start training like an elite international soccer schools player today, and they will be soon.

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