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Meet MomsTeam's Basketball Expert: Bob Bigelow

MomsTeam youth basketball expert Bob BigelowBob is a former professional and collegiate player, and is one of the most popular youth sports speakers and youth coach trainers in the country. He played for the Kansas City Kings, Boston Celtics and San Diego Clippers, as well as for Hall-of-Fame coach Chuck Daly (who coached the 1992 Olympic Gold Medal "Dream Team") at the University of Pennsylvania and is co-author of the groundbreaking book advocating reform of youth sports, Just Let the Kids Play

Bob has served as an expert panelist and board member for several organizations dedicated to improving the youth sports esperience, and has made numerous print, broadcast and media appearances. He has conducted hundreds of youth basketball clinics for coaches of players in grades 4 to 8 over the past 20 years, and is a tireless advocate for developing fundamental skills and fully meeting the needs of children as the top priority in youth basketball programs.

Nutrition Tip

  • Nutrition plays an important role in recovery from a sports injury. No change in diet is necessary when a quick recovery is expected. A long-term injury will likely require a reduced diet with a focus on maintaining protein intake and eating nutrient-dense foods.

Basketball Sneakers


Basketball sneakers are specially designed high tops that provide good ankle support and excellent traction on the court.

When buying basketball sneakers, support should be the primary concern

Look for a synthetic interior that will provide support, combined with an internal foam package that will soften landings and provide a snug fit.

Basketball Resources

5465 Mark Dabling Blvd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80918-3842
Phone: (719) 590-4800
Fax: (719) 590-4811
Email: fanmail@usabasketball.com
Web: www.usabasketball.com

USA Basketball is a nonprofit organization that is recognized as the national governing body for men's and women's basketball in the United States by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) and the United States Olympic Committee (USOC). USA Basketball oversees all aspects of basketball in the United States , from amateur to professional, and is responsible for selecting the U.S Olympic team.

10325 Orangewood Blvd.
Orlando , FL 32821
Phone: (407) 363-9262
Fax: (407) 363-0559
Email: yboahq@boa.org
Web: www.yboa.org

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Girl's basketball player heads up courtBasketball: Pronunciation: 
a usually indoor court game between two teams of usually five players each who score by tossing an inflated ball through a raised goal

Basketball is a fast paced game that requires an extreme amount of endurance, speed, and strength. One of the most popular sports world-wide, over a million boys and girls played for their high school varsity basketball team in the 2003-2004 season, according to the National Federation of State High School Associations.

Basketball is a great game for your child to play, either recreationally or competitively. Basketball at the youth level is generally a non-contact sport and teaches children the importance of team work, practice, and exercise. Almost every city and suburb throughout the United States has their own youth basketball leagues for children to start out in.

MomsTeam's goal is to provide comprehensive information on basketball: advice on the equipment needed and how to buy it, a primer on the rules of the sport, and videos and advice from experts, parents, and manufacturers of basketball gear.

But to do that we are going to need your help. If you are a parent of a child who plays or has played basketball, we hope you will share what you have learned with other MomsTeam parents. Please consider writing a blog, contributing an article, posting on and/or hosting a Forum, or becoming a basketball expert. If you know of someone who used to play or coach basketball who has knowledge to share, ask him or her to join. Together we can make MomsTeam a true community of sports parents!

-Brooke de Lench
MomsTeam Founder




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