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Protecting Our Children Against Sudden Cardiac Death

Since 2000 MomsTeam has been a leader in on-line education about the dangers of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) in children playing sports, either as a result of a congenital heart abnormality or from an ill-timed blow to the chest from a ball or stick that sends the heart into a potentially fatal arrhythmia (a condition called Commotio Cordis).

Brooke de Lench donating AED to Ira Carter, President of Grand Prairie TX youth football

The goal of the Cardiac Awareness Center is to educate all members of the youth sports community about the dangers of SCA, the steps that can be taken to reduce the risk that a child will suffer SCA while playing sports (such as by identifying heart abnormalities during a comprehensive pre-participation evaluation), and the ways to reduce the chances of death in the event of SCA (most importantly, by implementing the cardiac chain of survival, the key component of which is the use of automatic external defibrillators (AEDs)).

Our Cardiac Safety Center will continue to provide the latest information on SCA and a forum where everyone with a stake in education about and prevention of sudden cardiac death - parents, including parents of children who have died from SCA, athletes, coaches, officials, administrators, clinicians, and AED manufacturers - can meet to exchange ideas and information and share concerns.

Together, we can reduce the number of deaths from SCA.

--Brooke de Lench, MomsTeam Youth Sports Safety Institute

Executive Director